Finally a gentle and safe caries treatment for children


Research and studies around the world have uncovered a major need for new methods for gently removing caries in children. Kindersolv is a gentle method which removes caries effectively while leaving healthy dental tissue intact.

Kindersolv is a chemo-mechanical, tooth preserving, minimally invasive caries removal operative technique that begins with a combination of chloramines in a gel that softens caries selectively in dentine. This is followed by the mechanical removal of the degenerative tissue. The use of chloramines has proven to be safe and effective without having any impact on healthy tissue and the method is also a patient-friendly way of removing caries.

The benefits of Kindersolv:

• Gentle and safe treatment
• Minimises pain during and after treatment
• Reduces need for local anaesthesia
• Preserves healthy tissue, acts only on caries
• No adverse effects or toxicity
• Evidence of an increased bond
strength for adhesive restorations
• Can decrease total time consumption
• Reduced risk of complications
• Improves the cleaning of the fissure before the seal

Special patient groups to consider:

• Those being introduced to the
concept of minimally invasive
operative caries treatment
• Those susceptible to infection/
immune compromised
• Those experiencing dental
• Those with mineralisation

Kindersolv® Practice Concept (Depending on Market)

To your help in the practice we have some caring characters. They can invite, great and be a reminder of the patient's visit to a gentle treatment.







Available Promotion Material (Depending on Market)

• Stickers included in package*
• Invitation cards
• Posters
• Pin for staff
• Door stickers

* On all markets

Supporting documents and links for Kindersolv

(Kindersolv is a modification of Carisolv for children )

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RLS Global AB

An innovative Swedish company
Chloramin reaction

The fundament for our products is the chloramine reaction. RLS Global is a Swedish MedTech company based in Gothenburg. RLS Global develops and sells biochemical products and methods for treatment of some of the world’s most common diseases. Business development is focused on being world leading in biochemical and environmentally friendly methods for minimally invasive treatments. The company is doing so by giving general practitioners tools to reduce risk, secure restored function and effectively reach the clinical endpoint.

  • Softens necrotic tissue

    Makes the necrotic tissue easy to remove

  • Leaves healthy tissue intact

    Makes Kindersolv minimally invasive

  • Non-toxic

    And no antibiotics

  • Works antimicrobially

    Kills bacterias within its field of use


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